Storefront Artwork and Historical Walking Tour

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“Remembering the Past as We Look to the Future Possibilities of Lakeshore Village”
-Storefront Art Initiative – in partnership with the Toronto BIA Office

Enjoy the rich history of Lakeshore Village and New Toronto through our Fall 2021 Storefront Installations. Historical facts and photographs researched by local resident Vashti King can be found intertwined with local artists interpretations of a vital and thriving future for the people and businesses that make up this unique area.

You can download our brochure and follow along to find the installations and BIA Murals:

Installation Locations:

  • 2814 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • 2855 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • 2859 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • 2906 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • 2925 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • 2986 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • 3053 Lake Shore Blvd W

About Vashti King: The New Toronto Historical Walking Tour was researched and written by Vashti King, a 30 year resident of New Toronto and a founding member of the New Toronto Ratepayers Association. Vashti is passionate about New Toronto’s history and its promising future.

Our Artists: Angel Cruz, Natalie Very B, Asli Alin and Ray Vidal

3053 Lake Shore Blvd W. – Artwork by Ray Vidal
Children’s Urban Enrichment Studio – Artwork by Asli Alin
The Muse Apothecary – Artwork by Natalie Very B.
2986 Lake Shore Blvd. – Artwork by Natalie Very B.
Spin Me a Yarn – Artwork by Angel Carrillo

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